Wim Tanudjaja

The first time, I met Apple computer in 1984, Apple IIc. 128k with OS System 1, introduced me to  play with floppy disk and green color display. I love to create Basic programming, this was first time I learn about programming, logic, flowchart.

My first powerbook is PowerBook 180 and I met Mac OS7, I used it in 1992, to support my work as internal auditor, first time use word processor and spreadsheet in Mobile computing under Mac OS Platform.

Newton 100 introduced me the first PDA at 1994 with pen gestures hand writing translating to computer character on screen and I continued with newton 2000 in 1997, Newton helped me a lot when I was working in remote area, I can send report and fax easily and of course very stow processing compare to current system.

Mac has a new logo when I bought MacBook this powerbook G3 with Mac OS9 is my first color powerbook in 2000 to support my work producing report and presentation.

iPod introduced me to portable music player in 2001. I played my first iPod color screen in 2004. in July 2007, I fell in love to first iPhone 2G, it is extraordinary smartphone world, now I am learning about iPhone SDK, this is other alternative for my hobby in Software development. Now, I am also registered iPhone developer.

Now, I am using Macbook white 13 inch and early 2008, I started to concentrate learning Xcode and Cocoa programming for iPhone Developing, I want to build small application that can make our life much easier and better with using iphone. Currently, I focus on lifestyle and News. I just finished the news application for one big News company in asia.

iPhone has opened the big opportunity with touch gestures, GPS and mobile technology, I have been working as registered iphone developer since March 2008 and developed several applications (some for companies and some app I am selling in itunes store).

Currently, I am working in several projects for newspaper and magazine publishing also for lifestyle Applications catagory.